Market research in Poland for medical companies

When you are a representative of medical company or pharmaceutical company and you want to know more about your product/service, satisfaction of customers or maybe want to ask health care physicians to determine their reactions to pharmaceutical sales project, you should conduct a medical market surveys Poland.


A huge market

Pharmaceuticals represents more than 300 billion dollars a year market (data from 2015 by the World Health Organization states). Till 2018 this market will be worth more than 400 bn dollars, with the ten largest pharmaceutical companies collectively commanding about a third of it. What they do with those money? A large part is absorb by research and development activity. But within important for medical and pharmaceutical companies activities are marketing campaigns.


Pharmaceutical market research Poland

With huge level of competitiveness on this market it is essential to obtain certain information, vital for designing marketing or information strategy. For this purpose of market analysis, forecasts, trends, patent analysis, analysis of customers or cooperators and competitors medical and pharmaceutical companies hire professional marketing research agencies. Specialist from such agency provide you a proper preparation of a research project witch helps you better understanding of the patient needs, physicians needs, medical facility staff needs. Market research agencies use qualitative and quantitative method. In quantitative field those are: CAWI (online surveys), CAPI (computer assisted questionnaires), CATI (telephone surveys by VoIP), PAPI (personal, traditional, paper interviewing). In qualitative research those are: FGI (group interviews), IDI (individual in-depth interviews), mystery client.


You can add to this desk research, SWOT analysis or other data research techniques. There is no one the best way for many projects. In each one of them company’s representatives and analytics from research agency have to deal with specific research questions which affect on research methods, techniques and target groups. Research agency services include medical marketing research for pharmacy reports, custom consulting, surveys, healthcare insurance reimbursement tracking, medical procedure tracking and med-tech market monitoring for different areas: primary healthcare, secondary healthcare, retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, pharmacy audits, patient studies, data collection studies, general practitioner omnibus, retail pharmacy omnibus, specialist omnibus, any level of respondent, sample size, other healthcare projects.


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